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So the plan is to get this site back up.
I could really use some help. The site has failed in the past due to me being stubborn about wanting myself to be the solE creator of all design and content…
I realise what an idiot I was being….especially since im not even that talented of a web designer. My strength is design.
Im lookong for people with coding skills And anyone willing to help with the tediousness of adding content such as lyrics manson bios….well all things manson.
I’m capable of basic html and can edit existing php, css, etc. So without help I am capable of getting the site to look good and be ready for posting news and forum posts….but with help…this site can be finally complete and actually awesome lol
Anyone who wants to help out…comment below or email me at
Thank you,

We’re moving up!

Please be patient while we migrate all of our historical data.

We’ve upgraded the software on the site for many reasons. The spambots became so annoying that people would be tempted to stay away.

I’ve moved over all of the user accounts; You’ll simply have to change your password HERE

This sort of move takes a bit more time because there is NO software out there designed for this move; So I have to write it myself. I’ve 3/4 of the entire move finished. The remaining fourth will be to move the threads and posts. This is much easier said than done because the two bits of software that we are migrating between, have VERY different structures. Not to mention, in previous moves it was just “one on top of the other” sort of thing. It really added up and now is the time to ensure we clean it up so that things run a lot smoother.

After all is said and done, the server resources (CPU / RAM / Hard Disks) will be freed up once more and the site will, essentially be, brand new. (With exception of historical content and members of course :D )

Marshall will be doing the design because, well, he’s the boss at it! Not to mention, it’s his site :D
I just picked something simple at the time of this post, so certainly expect things to change a lot in that fashion as well :D